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the DNA of sovereignty... a cooperative multi-ELEMENT generative STEAM meta(e)commerce.

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About Us

the Polymart is a multi-Element [organization] market deeply rooted in the cooperative economics principles of  ujamaa [lit. ‘familyhood’ in Kiswahili] X ujima [lit. ‘communal work’ in Kiswahili]

the Polymart is a collective bilateral polyopoly that leverages solidarity commerce, via a micro-kinship platform.

an emergent and cohesive multi-Element [organization] market centered in equity, solidarity, and impartiality.

there are numerous Elements within the Impact Table [Polymart Network].

the Polymart is focused on continuous growth, generative resources, unbiased supply and communal support.

Why You Should Join Us

we are non-traditional.

we expand paths, create portals and launch possibilities, without prejudice. 

the Polymart market is neutrally constructed to support Element partners + members as they are now and promotes the expansion of the spectrum of each Element collectively + collaboratively.

we leverage combined strategy, collective storytelling, and Black societal practices to transform commerce, person, people, and nations.

we are culture. 

we impact algorithms. 

we collectively coalesce.

we offer equitable points of market entry.

we are the Polymart, a united multi-Element solidarity market; a vibrant manifestation of equity, open to all... join us now!!!

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Send an email to [email protected]

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