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a generative + collective meta(E)comverse

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About Us

the Polymart is a multi-ELEMENT market deeply rooted in the cooperative economics principles of  ujamaa [lit. ‘familyhood’ in Kiswahili] X ujima [lit. ‘communal work’ in Kiswahili]

the Polymart is a collective polyopoly that leverages solidarity commerce platform.

an emergent + cohesive market anchored in equity, solidarity, &  impartiality.

there are numerous ELEMENTS within the Polymart meta(E)comverse.

the Polymart is focused on continuous growth, generative resources, unbiased supply + communal support.

Why You Should Join Us

we are non-traditional.

we expand paths, create portals + launch possibilities, without prejudice. 

the Polymart market is neutrally constructed to support ELEMENT partners + members as they are now & promotes the expansion of the spectrum of each ELEMENT Collectively + collaboratively.

we leverage combined strategy, collective storytelling, & Black societal practices to transform commerce, person, people + nations.

we are culture. 

we impact algorithms. 

we collectively coalesce.

we offer equitable points of market entry.

we are the Polymart, a united multi-ELEMENT solidarity market; a vibrant manifestation of equity, open to all... join us now!!!

Contact Us

Need help with something?

Send an email to [email protected]


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